Hair Transplant in Chandigarh- An everlasting response For Hair Loss

Thick and solid hairs contribute a great deal towards men’s excellence. Lamentably, a few people lose them at prior stage. Hair loss truly irritates the magnificence cognizant individuals, as they lose their fearlessness. They even dither to join the get-togethers and occasions as they take it an identity downside as a part of their identity.

In any case, going bare is no more a matter of stress for them now. They can recapture their certainty while re-establishing back their locks by and by. The arrangement lies in hair transplantation system that has made it conceivable to accomplish full head of hair.

Hair transplantation in Chandigarh is a sort of surgery that for all time re-establishes the hair by embedding new follicles into diminishing or going bald scalp (beneficiary site) of men or ladies. The unions containing follicles are taken from thicker parts of hair, for the most part from the back or sides of the head (contributor site). This surgical methodology for the most part manages the male example hair loss.

Hair transplant specialists for the most part prescribe two techniques that work the best:

  1. Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS)
  2. Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

Before experiencing both of the surgical strategy, the patient must converse with his specialist in insight about his inclinations and the dangers included. That helps the specialist to make important appraisal and arranging. He, on the premise of his profound examination, chooses what system must suit the best to the patient’s needs. At that point the patient is prompted not to take any such medication that may bring about seeping amid the surgery, as draining drops down unite quality.

Before playing out the surgery, the specialist infuses the neighborhood anesthesia into the scalp in the wake of washing it with cleanser and treating with some antibacterial operator. Hair transplant strategy, regardless of what surgical techniques the specialist receives, includes two phases. These two phases are “gathering” and “uniting” separately.

Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS)

Amid FUSS, the follicular units are collected (expelled from the scalp) by evacuating a 6-10 inch portion of skin containing a great deal of follicles off the back some portion of scalp. At that point the specialist and his group cut out the strip into 500 to 2,000 unions. Each unite contains a solitary or a couple of hairs depending the size, quality, or kind of the beneficiary site.

Fue Hair Transplant in Ludhiana

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

In FUE reaping method, each and every follicular unit containing 1-4 hair is evacuated off the back of the scalp independently. In spite of the fact that the procedure is more entangled and tedious, yet it causes no direct scar, rather just modest specks on contributor site. The group then punctures the site with the assistance of smaller scale sharp edges or fine needles. Fue Hair transplant is the best process for hair transplant. Get best Fue Hair Transplant in Chandigarh.

Joining of the follicular units

At the joining stage, both the FUSS and The FUE methods are quite recently the same. The surgical group receives an indistinguishable strategy from had been performed at pre-reaping stage. They make modest gaps at the beneficiary site with needle and embed one join into each opening. The procedure is exceptionally fragile and tedious, obviously. The quantity of unions depends fundamentally on the measure of the beneficiary zone. A normal transplant needs around 1000 to 3000 individual follicular unions. The perfect transplant containing 4000 unions will probably get a full head of hair. Contingent upon the span of the beneficiary territory, the way toward uniting for the most part takes 5-10 hours. That is truly an intense employment.


Post transplant care and recuperation time

Most patients report gentle torment and soreness after surgery. You may need to take torment executioners, mitigating medications, and anti-toxins for a few days. The potential hair development symptoms ordinarily incorporate scarring and uneven hair development. The specialist chooses whether to play out a subsequent surgery or not. The recuperation time fluctuates from case to case. Inside 2 to 3 weeks after surgery, the transplanted hair drop out, yet new hair likewise become out inside 5 to 9 months.

The hair transplant surgery is totally a changeless arrangement, as the hair follicles are taken from the “sheltered zones” like back and additionally sides of the scalp. The hair developing on these sides by and large don’t drop out.


Find Out The Right Method For Your Hair Transplant in Jalandhar

The best hair transplant system is a matter of civil argument among the restorative world. There are basically two unique techniques that overwhelm the universe of hair transplantation today. They are the follicular unit transplant strategy (FUT), and the follicular unit extraction procedure (FUE). Every specialist will probably give you an alternate sentiment, and will have diverse explanations behind picking one of these techniques over the other. Here we will talk about the distinctions with the goal that you can choose for yourself which one may be the best for you.

FUT Hair Transplant In Chandigarh is a more seasoned technique for transplantation in which a portion of good hair is collected from the back of the head, and the analyzed into the individual follicular units. Those units can then be transplanted onto the thinning up top regions. The contributor zone is then sewed shut and takes a couple of weeks to mend up. There will be a perpetual scar, yet it can be concealed by the hair around it.

Fue Hair Transplant In chandigarh

FUE is a more current method that reaps the follicles one by one, specifically from the head. This is accomplished by utilizing a little punch instrument that expels the follicle from the head. Once a sufficient measure of unions is evacuated, they are then embedded into little openings in the thinning up top range. There is no extensive scar departed by this technique, yet there might be little scars where the punch apparatus extricated the follicles from.

To the extent which of these techniques is the best hair transplant strategy goes, it truly relies on upon your necessities. On the off chance that you don’t need a huge scar on the back of your head then FUE may be the right decision for you. This technique is likewise ideal for individuals with tight skin on their scalp, in light of the fact that the strip method will make the scalp significantly more tightly when some skin is expelled.

The FUT system is normally ideal for individuals who require a ton of work. This is on the grounds that it is for the most part more proficient, and more hairs survive the transplant. It likewise requires less investment to do a FUT so it is normally less costly than FUE. The reason that FUE is less proficient is on account of at times the punch instrument can incidentally harm the follicle and that can debilitate the odds that the follicle will survive.

On the off chance that you truly need to think about the best hair transplant methodology for you, I would suggest calling or messaging a specialist who represents considerable authority in the practice. A speedy counsel will permit them to survey your hair and decide precisely which technique is ideal for you circumstance. Ensure that you do your exploration and discover a specialist that is exceedingly prescribed by past patients.

Hair Tranasplant in Chandigarh

Whether you pick FUE or FUT, you are certainly picking the best strategy to fight hair sparseness. Transplantation is the best way to for all time alter the issue of going bald, yet it is a tremendous venture. Doing your exploration and making some telephone calls will help you to comfort your psyche, and realize that you have picked the best hair transplant technique.

On the off chance that you have to know more about Best Hair Transplant in Ludhiana specialists and the strategies they offer then snap here. We give you some solid counsel to guide you in your quest for the ideal specialist to perform your hair transplant method.


RHINOPLASTY in Chandigarh Involves Surgery Carried Out On The Nose

Individuals know Chandigarh for some things and one of them is plastic Surgery. Customers can choose from various plastic surgery centers in this incredible on the grounds that there are a significant number of them. These facilities include the best sorts of specialists for both restorative and reconstructive surgery. Since RHINOPLASTY in Ludhiana incorporates diverse components, the customers will have the capacity to choose from various sorts of methods to improve their appearance or right a portion of the issues on their bodies.

RHINOPLASTY in Chandigarh

The face is a critical part of the human body and customers who are disappointed with the shape or general appearance can decide on the facial corrective centers where they will pick among different techniques. Blepharoplasty is a method intended to evacuate additional skin or redistribute the fats that make eyelid sacks. The entry point for this method is under the lower cover edge and in the upper top wrinkle. In more youthful patients, the entry point is inside the cover, if the objective is to evacuation of fat as it were. A portion of the inconveniences however unprecedented includes with this strategy asymmetry, scar, disease and eye harm.

Facelifts can turn around facial maturing signs particularly on the neck and jaw line. There are two sorts of facelifts: Full and short scar. This methodology includes the lifting of the skin and layers of fats far from the muscles that are under them. The cut in this plastic surgery methodology is from over the ear towards the front of the ear and closures behind the ear. The individuals who are thinking about this technique will likewise discover fluctuated entry point marks and amid interview, they will get data to settle on their decision.

After the lifting, they fix the muscles and expel the overabundance skin from the face and neck. The sewing to the new position is done. Patients will encounter difficulties, for example, modified skin sensation however it will return to typical following a couple days. Other uncommon entanglements incorporate asymmetry, scars, draining and contamination.

RHINOPLASTY in Chandigarh includes surgery did on the nose. There are distinctive explanations behind this. While a few customers need the scaffold of their nose rectified, others might want the tip fixed while other might want to include or diminish the extent of the nose. The procedure additionally repairs absconds and wipes out issue identified with relaxing. The patient will be under neighborhood or general anesthesia relying upon the surgery. The method happens inside the nose and diverse cuts done relying upon the reason for the technique.


The lips can likewise experience diverse surgery methodology. A portion of the normal ones incorporate the lip enlargement, which includes infusing the lips with various items to give it a firmer and more characterized look. Lip lessening is for those individuals who have issues with the measure of their lips or those that have hanging lips or lips that turn outwards.

Each one of those considering plastic surgery ought to guarantee that they do sufficient research on the types of facial surgery accessible, and the notoriety and nature of administration of the distinctive plastic surgery facility before settling on their decision.


Cosmetic Surgeon in Chandigarh

Hand shake has now grow to be a part of our way of life. And someone notices arms earlier than they notice your face .also palms are one of the first vicinity in which the symptoms of growing older start to appear. Commonly humans generally tend to attend to the face and neck which makes them appearance youthful however at the same time they just forget to attend to their hands. Aged hands seem sun tanned, wherein there may be loss of fat which makes them seems thin and wrinkled, with outstanding veins. Correct news is that with the help of cosmetic surgical operation, it’s far feasible to rejuvenate arms also.  For, Ludhiana is there’s any other good news and that i.e they do not ought to seek of cosmetic clinics outside their metropolis. Hand Rejuvenation Treatments in Ludhiana are being performed at beautify-SNO clinic and splendid effects are ensured here. And the nice element is that there may be no cuts /stitches or pain involved. it’s far an office system which can be finished in a single hour .by the usage of contemporary lasers, fats grafting and fillers, palms are made to appearance and sense younger once more. you can resume his/ her work right away.

Hand Rejuvenation

The principle factors of consideration in hand rejuvenation are:

First one is the recuperation of the soft tissue extent :

this is finished specially by means of derma fillers and herbal fats grafting.

–      Fillers:

At various locations the filler is injected into the fingers calmly.

Fillers are generally located at multiple ranges in hands in an effort to reshape them and lead them to look younger.

–      fats injections:

in this system fatty tissue is eliminated from the regions in which fats is extra like abdomen, thighs.

This fats is then processed and injected into the hands.

The injected fats is sent in linear way so one can make certain right shape of the arms

2nd factor of attention is the problems associated with the pores and skin tone and texture of the arms:

This is carried out with the assist of mild primarily based technologies and laser treatments. These help to take away the getting old spots, tanning due to sun exposure and aids in ordinary pigmentation correction. Laser skin surfacing serves as an fantastic manner in making the hands spotless and ageless.

Hand Rejuvenation remedies in Ludhiana:

With growing recognition and desire among the local community to look younger, the want for hand rejuvenation has also extended at a totally excessive tempo. Ludhiana isn’t always behind on this race however at instances the human beings of the city are stressed as to which clinic they have to move for his or her treatment. on account that past few years Ludhiana has emerged as a centre for range of beauty surgery clinics. On this competitive generation, decorate-SNO health center has emerged as a very straightforward choice for people who are looking for a honest recommendation and professional surgeon for Hand Rejuvenation Treatments in Chandigarh.

Dr.Omi Jindal is a renowned medical professional who has many successful hand rejuvenation surgical procedures to his credit score inside the city as well as all over Punjab and overseas. At enhance-SNO sanatorium, patients care and satisfaction is our high motive. We follow the international protocols for all the cosmetic approaches and therefore deliver the consequences as anticipated.

Fue Hair Tansplant in Ludhiana 

Better To Regret Later – Take Decision Now

We do not appreciate things at fair value until we let in private, including hair. We do not really take care when we have them, but begin to regret from birth to baldness. In such a situation, you can turn to a hair transplant. You can find Best Hair Transplant in Chandigarh .An overview of the different methods of hair transplantation is present in this article to help you choose the procedure that best suits you. You will also learn how hair transplant is performed and how you can prepare for it.

Hair Transplant in Ludhiana

Hair transplantation

The hair transplant procedure was introduced in 1950. This procedure is quite simple. In this method, a small portion of the scalp without hair is removed from the back of the head and is replaced. The whole procedure takes no more than a day and you do not need to be admitted to hospital. In fact, Hair transplant is done on site, and you can directly go home.

Preparing for the procedure

The doctor will first take a few pictures to determine the extent of hair loss. Some low-density areas will also be addressed. The doctor will then detail the procedure and the results expected. He specifically referred show you the locations and the shape of the root of your hair. It then goes to the next step: the hair sample from the donor area. During this operation, the hair around the donor area will be covered with rubber bands. The hair is then cut on the area.

Then you have to anesthetize hair donor area. Thus, an assistant will administer a local anesthetic in this area. Before sampling, the doctor will ensure that you are relaxed and ready to make you take hair. The doctor will wait for the anesthetic to take effect before extracting the desired area.
The doctor will remove all the hair from the selected area, with their hair follicles. The transplanted hair will be those from the donor himself. After removing all the hair from the donor area, the doctor will close the wounds and recover the area with bandages.

Capillary sampling methods

The extraction method of hair described above was just an example for all to understand, but there are two popular methods for removing hair from the donor area. Follicular unit extraction and removal by band are the two methods described below.

1. Harvest

This is the method most used for Hair Transplant in Jalandhar. The doctor landmark where hair growth is the best and will charge the hair of this area . It removes the hair in this area using a scalpel. The doctor will ensure throughout the process that the hair is completely removed from the donor area. The wizard will ensure close the wounds gradually as the doctor removes hair. The excess tissue is removed thereafter using a stereo-binocular microscope. The physician’s assistant will ensure that the follicular cells are not damaged in this process.

2. The follicular unit extraction

Follicular unit extraction is another method of collection. Here, the hair follicles are extracted one by one after a local anesthesia. All this is done using micro-blades and thin needles. This method is time consuming and may be worth taking several appointments to the doctor. The time taken for this method will depend mostly on the physician’s experience and the amount of hair to transplant. The duration of this process may vary from two hours to two days. This method offers a rendering and a more natural result, but its cost is higher .

FUE Hair Transplant – The Pros And Cons Of Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE hair transplant is otherwise called follicular unit extraction. This is a generally new technique for hair transplantation that offers a less intrusive method for reaping hairs from the contributor site. The essential strategy is to utilize exactness apparatuses to reap the hairs one follicle at once, and after that plant them into little openings in the thinning up top zones. This contrasts from the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) technique in which a piece of hair is expelled from the giver range and after that the follicular units are collected out of the strip. Best Hair Transplant Ludhiana

Likewise with any therapeutic system there are upsides and downsides to the FUE hair transplant strategy. One evident advantage to this technique is that it doesn’t leave a substantial scar on the giver region. This isn’t to imply that that FUE is totally scar free, yet the scars that it leaves are much less demanding to cover. For some patients, this is an enormous central component while picking their coveted strategy for transplantation. Another advantage to this strategy is that it is a great deal less obtrusive than different techniques. Ordinarily patients can continue strenuous action not long after their surgery, and mending happens quickly.

One of the disservices of the FUE technique is that it is simpler to harm the follicles upon extraction, and in this manner the procedure is less productive than FUT. The explanation behind this is on the grounds that a little round and hollow punch is utilized to isolate the hair and encompassing tissue from the scalp. On the off chance that the punch is not adjusted flawlessly, it can remove the base of the hair follicle as it punches the range out. This harms the hair and debilitates its odds for survival. Another drawback is that the whole benefactor territory must be shaved before the methodology. For a few people this is a noteworthy issue, and for others it is not a noteworthy issue.

All in all the FUE hair transplant technique is less proficient than FUT. It is a great deal more hard to gather a sufficient measure of hair for huge strategies. The surgery regularly takes any longer and is hence more costly than different techniques. Such a variety of patients still lean toward this strategy because of the way that they are not willing to have an expansive scar on the back or side of their head. The professionals can exceed the cons in specific circumstances.

Ordinarily a FUE method is prescribed for individuals who don’t require a lot of work. This is generally a more youthful customer who may even now be thinking about how possible it is of shaving their hair short sooner or later. The advantage of having a great deal less observable scars is a central point in the choice between hair transplant methods. Similarly as with most restorative circumstances, every case is distinctive and much be assessed independently.

FUT Vs. FUE - Best Hair Transplant Ludhiana

On the off chance that you are thinking about a FUE hair transplant it is astute to reach one of the specialists who play out this strategy to talk about it with them straightforwardly. A considerable lot of these experts can even make an evaluation of your hair over the web. You should simply send them a few pictures and they will fill you in regarding whether you are a decent contender for FUE.

On the off chance that you are keen on adapting more about Hair Implants [] please click here Best Hair Transplant Ludhiana.Find out about the greater part of the expenses and advantages of FUE (follicular unit extraction) rather than different strategies for hair rebuilding like FUT (follicular unit transplantation).

What is a Hair transplant?

A hair transplant can be defined as a surgical technique in which doctors take healthy hair follicles from one area of the head and implants them to another area facing hair loss.

Male hair loss and transplant

Whether you are suffering from hair thinning or have a receding hairline, Enhance – SNO Clinics provide the best hair transplant Ludhiana has to offer. Our hair transplants have great success in not just restoring natural hairline but have also stopped hair loss completely for some patients.

Every man has a different story when it comes to hair loss, some are at the beginning while some have been suffering for a while. The speed with which the hair thinning or hairline recession occurs is what rings alarm bells in the head.

Some of the common reasons for hair loss can be:

  • Hereditary male pattern baldness
  • Chronic Stress
  • Poor protein intake or weight loss due to illness
  • Iron deficiency

Best Hair Transplant Ludhiana

Male hair transplant procedures

At Enhance-SNO Clinics, we offer two techniques of hair transplant surgery, both equally efficient in restoring your lost hair.The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, allowing you to recover and resume routine lifestyle soon after the surgery.

  1.   Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

This techniqueis also known as “strip surgery”.It involves taking a strip of healthy hair follicles from the donor area and transplanting the individual follicles onto an area affected by hair loss. After a period of 4-6 months, the hair growth becomes normal and results can be seen. It is ideal for those candidates who have good hair length as the post-surgical scar can easily be hidden. The treatment can be completed in one half-day session.

  1.    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In this form of hair transplant technique, individual hair follicles are taken from the donor area. Several small incisions are made in the scalp where hair loss has happened. Subsequently, the cleaned hair follicles are inserted. This procedure is very different from FUT, as no linear scarring takes place in this, but small individual marks are left after the hair is taken from the donor area. Hence, this is the go to technique for people with short hair style. The recovery time for this procedure is also quick as compared to the other procedure.

Best Hair Transplant Ludhiana

Post-surgical care and recover

The transplanted area may make you feel a little uncomfortable and taking off from work until the situation improves might not be a bad idea.

Do ask these questions after the surgery-

  • What sort of homecare is needed for successful and quick recovery?
  • What medication and till when will be required?
  • What is the schedule of post-surgical appointments?

Post-surgical care

Taking a few days off from work is highly recommended and you are not supposed to wash or touch your hair until 48 hrs. Any vigorous exercise or activity is strictly prohibited. A further review after every 3 months is highly suggested with your hair transplant surgeon.

If you want the best hair transplant Ludhiana doesn’t have any option better than Enhance – SNO Clinics. Book your appointment and see the difference.

Best Hair Transplant Ludhiana – Dr Jindal


With the growing awareness and competition, the need to look better has become a topmost priority amongst the youth and Ludhiana is no different. Catering to many professional institutes and business houses, personal grooming is an essential part of Ludhianavis, and hence more and more people more and more people are resorting to cosmetic surgeries, best hair transplant in Ludhiana.

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What is Hair Transplantation:

  • Hair transplantation is one of those surgeries which is highly in demand these days.
  • This is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness.
  • It’s an extremely technical surgery in which one’s own body hair are used to cover the premature baldness and that too in most natural way and to get the best possible results one must seek an expert to help him.
  • This procedure is done by two methods : FUE and FUT or strip method.
  • The site where the hair follicles are implanted is known as ‘recipient site’ while the area from which these follicles are extracted are known as ‘donor areas’.
  • This is a single day procedure , done under local anesthesia and has no side effects.

Hair Transplantation at  Enhance Sno Clinic:

  • Enhance Sno clinic has stood to be the best cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation surgery clinic in Ludhiana.
  • Established a couple of years ago, the clinic boasts of being an integrated cosmetic surgery clinic of the town.
  • Omi Jindal is the chief hair transplantation and cosmetic surgeon with a vast experience of more than 10 years in this field.
  • His clinic is an ISO certified, state of art centre for hair transplant where patients from not only Ludhiana and Punjab but also from overseas are catered for hair transplant.
  • Omi jindal is a member of American Hair restoration society and Indian association of Hair restoration  surgeons.
  • He is highly trained in both the hair transplantation techniques i.e FUE and FUT (strip method).
  • He chooses the type of the surgery based on the patient’s wish, need and the technical feasibility and aims to deliver excellent results with either of the technique.
  • Jindal is into ethical practice and performs Hair transplantation surgery by his own hands.
  • He does not leave the work upon the technicians and is very particular for his clients and this is the reason why even the failed cases at other Hair transplant clinics get good results at Enhance Sno clinic.

Dr.Omi Jindal is an academician also who has trained many doctors in the procedure of hair transplant. He has been a faculty to many workshops and events related to hair transplantation surgeries. His public awareness, talks and T.V shows are quite popular and endorsed. He is the best hair transplant in Ludhiana. and its surroundings.

  • Affordable charges:

-Above all at our clinic we have kept the charges which are affordable for every segment of the society.


– Recently the clinic has also started interest free    EMI scheme so as to provide the benefit of hair transplantation surgery even on those people who cannot afford to make the payment upfront.