Breast enlargement is the most popular form of Breast Enlargement in Chandigarh, with more than 8,500 women having undergone the procedure in 2009. In fact, the surgical procedure is now one of the most sought-after worldwide, consistently topping the popularity charts. However, despite the physical aim of the procedure – to enlarge breasts – different factors associated with the procedure (for example, reasons for having the surgery, types of implants, and procedural routes) can vary significantly.

Breast Enlargement Surgery in Ludhiana

Although the majority of breast enlargement procedures share a commonality in outcome – that is, a heightened sense of confidence and femininity – the reasons why women seek breast enlargement surgery can be quite unique. Some opt to have it done due to a decrease in breast size or a loss of shape after childbirth or breastfeeding. Others choose breast enlargement simply because they’ve always wanted a bigger, fuller chest. Many others seek breast enlargement as a form of reconstruction after overcoming breast cancer. Breast enhancement is ultimately sought for a number of different reasons, each unique to the patient. Cosmetic surgeons will often ask to discuss a patient’s reasons for having the surgery, to ensure they’re able to offer the outcome the patient is looking for.

However, just as reasons behind the procedure vary, so do types of breast implants and procedural routes. It’s important for anyone who’s considering the surgery to understand these differences and how they might affect their own surgical procedure. For instance, there are currently two types of breast implants available: silicone and saline. Out of these two types, silicone implants seem to be more popular due to their natural shape and feel. However, only your cosmetic surgeon can determine which type of implant is right for your body, as well as discuss issues specific to the different implants.

Another factor to consider when looking into breast enlargement surgery is the procedural route. Cosmetic surgeons can now perform breast enlargement in various ways – for instance, through an incision made in the natural crease beneath the breast, an opening in the armpit, or even around the areola. What’s more, they can place the implant either beneath the muscle or under the breast tissue – which is usually determined by your size and shape. The procedure also usually requires an overnight stay in a hospital, though it can be performed on a day case. Breast enlargement procedures vary from one patient to the next, so it’s important to seek out and understand all the facts before opting to undergo the surgery.

Finally, while there are some basic guidelines with regard to recovery times, recovery will vary for each patient. Some people heal quicker than others; so, while stitches and dressings should be removed after about seven days – and while post-surgical swelling should take a few weeks to go down – you might find your actual recovery time varies from these guidelines. Again, your cosmetic surgeon is the best person to advise you on recovery details and how they pertain to you.

Ultimately, while Breast Enlargement Surgery aims to give women bigger, fuller breasts, the different factors behind the procedure can vary significantly. So, while it’s a good idea to research the procedure by way of facts and statistics, you should always remember that your procedure will be unique based on your body and personal breast enlargement goals.

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