The majority of them are composed of a silicone envelope, more rarely in polyurethane foam, and a filler. The surgeon explains the parameters to consider in choosing the most suitable model the desired result. “The choice is complicated because there are more than a dozen options for the same volume depending on the shape of the projection, the texture,” says Dr. Omi Jindal, expert of Cosmetic Surgeon in Chandigarh. In keeping with his patient, the surgeon will choose:

Breast enlargement in ludhiana
Breast Reduction in Ludhiana

– Implants filled with silicone gel more or less cohesive (hard language expert), it is the most used because they give a more natural than those filled with saline at the sight and to the touch. If out of the implant, gel viscosity limits the leak silicone into the body.The advantage of phyiologique serum: it is quite harmless if the implant were to rupture.

– Round prostheses, more rarely anatomic prostheses which have the projected shape of a breast. “They are used in reconstruction or in women who have very flat chest,” notes Dr. Omi Jindal. Their disadvantage: if they move, it will operate again.

– The texture of the silicone envelope: it can be smooth, micro-textured, textured macro-textured.

– Projection: an implant is usually in 3 different projections.


Not easy to imagine what can be a prosthetic “300 cc”, the average volume raised in France. “We have to honestly reflect the kind of chest you really want warns Dr. Omi jindal expert of Cosmetic Surgeon in Ludhiana Otherwise, we may be disappointed, either by overly large breasts, either by too small breasts once deflated postoperative edema. “Dr.Omi Jindal”. The woman must ask if she wants something classic, stylish, or is willing to take a result that is not natural.Most surgeons have test-implants to slip into the bra to get the result. It is best to bring a white T-shirt V-neck, which give a good idea of the increase and its impact on the neckline and silhouette.

Ref: https://goo.gl/5mvH8A


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