Breast Augmentation: everything you need to know
The laying of breast implants is the most practiced intervention in the world, with nearly 1.8 million procedures in 2013.In France, approximately 400,000 women have already taken the plunge, and demand remains high. What to know before launching.
Be put breast implants is never an easy task: it must be some type of chest is desired and volume, and accept the idea that we will be operated at least once more to replace them, two to three times if we go to 25. For an aesthetic operation is never insignificant, despite progress in anesthesia and safer footwork. And the issue of security remains central.Now we  Breast Augmentation in Chandigarh.

Breast Enlargement

A surgical procedure that involves asking for breast implants increase the breasts. In some cases, this can also correct a slight breast ptosis , especially when the volume of loss is limited and secondary to pregnancy or weight loss. When the release is important, the surgeon will advise to do at the same time a mammoplasty. “When the nipple falls below the crease under the breast, it should also raise the breast” cosmetic surgeon. When the desired increase is small, about one cup bra, a lipomodelage is sometimes considered .

– The Cosmetic Surgeon in Ludhiana asks you about your medical and surgical history to rule out against-indication as a bleeding disorder, heart problems …
– It examines the figure, bust, size, shape and positioning of the breasts, instead of the areola, the shape of the thorax. If tracks asymmetry, he will signal because it may be remarked once breast prosthesis in place. Tone and skin thickness are essential and will guide the choice of implants: if it is of poor quality, they should not be too big, too heavy, therefore, to accentuate the natural sagging of the breast.
– The surgeon asks you what you would like chest, and what size: a key point to define to be satisfied with the result.



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