Better To Regret Later – Take Decision Now

We do not appreciate things at fair value until we let in private, including hair. We do not really take care when we have them, but begin to regret from birth to baldness. In such a situation, you can turn to a hair transplant. You can find Best Hair Transplant in Chandigarh .An overview of the different methods of hair transplantation is present in this article to help you choose the procedure that best suits you. You will also learn how hair transplant is performed and how you can prepare for it.

Hair Transplant in Ludhiana

Hair transplantation

The hair transplant procedure was introduced in 1950. This procedure is quite simple. In this method, a small portion of the scalp without hair is removed from the back of the head and is replaced. The whole procedure takes no more than a day and you do not need to be admitted to hospital. In fact, Hair transplant is done on site, and you can directly go home.

Preparing for the procedure

The doctor will first take a few pictures to determine the extent of hair loss. Some low-density areas will also be addressed. The doctor will then detail the procedure and the results expected. He specifically referred show you the locations and the shape of the root of your hair. It then goes to the next step: the hair sample from the donor area. During this operation, the hair around the donor area will be covered with rubber bands. The hair is then cut on the area.

Then you have to anesthetize hair donor area. Thus, an assistant will administer a local anesthetic in this area. Before sampling, the doctor will ensure that you are relaxed and ready to make you take hair. The doctor will wait for the anesthetic to take effect before extracting the desired area.
The doctor will remove all the hair from the selected area, with their hair follicles. The transplanted hair will be those from the donor himself. After removing all the hair from the donor area, the doctor will close the wounds and recover the area with bandages.

Capillary sampling methods

The extraction method of hair described above was just an example for all to understand, but there are two popular methods for removing hair from the donor area. Follicular unit extraction and removal by band are the two methods described below.

1. Harvest

This is the method most used for Hair Transplant in Jalandhar. The doctor landmark where hair growth is the best and will charge the hair of this area . It removes the hair in this area using a scalpel. The doctor will ensure throughout the process that the hair is completely removed from the donor area. The wizard will ensure close the wounds gradually as the doctor removes hair. The excess tissue is removed thereafter using a stereo-binocular microscope. The physician’s assistant will ensure that the follicular cells are not damaged in this process.

2. The follicular unit extraction

Follicular unit extraction is another method of collection. Here, the hair follicles are extracted one by one after a local anesthesia. All this is done using micro-blades and thin needles. This method is time consuming and may be worth taking several appointments to the doctor. The time taken for this method will depend mostly on the physician’s experience and the amount of hair to transplant. The duration of this process may vary from two hours to two days. This method offers a rendering and a more natural result, but its cost is higher .


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