Breast Augmentation in India –A Cost Effective Option for Medical Tourists

A woman’s femininity is marked by her attractive breasts and the perkier they look, the more elegance do they bear. However, women who have lost breast volume owing to pregnancy or weight loss or whose breasts are naturally smaller in size need not be despair anymore as plastic surgery can help you get fuller breasts. Breast Augmentation is the surgery that can help you get youthful and perkier breasts.

Breast enlargement in Ludhiana has become so popular in the west that it has been ruling the ASAPS charts for many years now. The surgery is evidently gaining popularity in many other parts of the world and many women are now turning to cost effective destinations like India for their breast augmentation.breast augmentation in ludhiana

Getting new breast implants or replacing older implants need to be aware of. You can avoid common complication consist of infection as well as other surgical  risks, the chronic breast pain, breast or nipple numbness, hematoma, infection, capsular contracture, breakage along with leakage., Skin death claims  additional surgery etc if operate in Ludhiana..

India is one of the most sought after destinations when it comes to offering quality plastic surgery yet at affordable cost. Breast enlargement in India is now available at some of the best plastic surgery hospitals and clinics that are well equipped with latest technology and an infrastructure which is at par with India’s western counterparts.

How is India a cost effective destination for medical tourists?

Many would speculate how India is a cost effective destination for plastic surgery if it offers the same standards of treatment as its western counterparts. The figures say it all! The exchange rate have to their credit for making India a low cost destination as 1 USD = 62 INR and 1 GBP = 101 INR. Thus the favorable exchange rate in India makes it a low cost destination.

What all breast augmentation procedures are available at the best plastic surgery centers in India?

Natural Breast Augmentation – Natural breast augmentation or Autologous fat transfer to breasts is the procedure of augmenting the breast with one’s own body fat. The procedure involves harvesting of fat from other body areas such as abdomen, buttock and is transferred through an injection to the breasts. This procedure gives natural feel to the breasts and is thus referred to as natural breast augmentation.breast-augmentation

Breast Augmentation with Implants – This is one of the most widely performed procedures which entails use of silicone gel breast implants being put behind the pectoral muscles so as to add volume to your breasts. Breast augmentation with implants has a feel that of human fat which mimics the natural breast tissue. The implants are long lasting and give very excellent aesthetic results.

How much is breast augmentation in India?

The cost of breast enlargement in Ludhiana is highly economical and starts from as less as 2,700 USD. Needless to say, the cost of breast augmentation is a fraction of what it costs in the USA, UK or for that matter any other European nation.


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