Cosmetic surgeries are coveted and popular in India. In a beauty conscious country like India, several people visit a cosmetic surgery clinic for a shot at it. Even a small enhancement and/or alteration can make a difference to self-esteem, social confidence, and health. So, here are the most popular cosmetic plastic surgeries in India according to International society of aesthetic plastic surgeons.  There are several options available for people who want to avail cosmetic plastic surgery.

Several people, leading busy and hectic lifestyle, understand the value of a cosmetic plastic surgery in their life. But, it is not easy to select the best clinic for these treatments either. Thus, here are basic markers of the best cosmetic surgery clinic. These markers are universal. They are the same for a cosmetic surgery clinic in Chennai, London or Seoul. An impressive medical system for leading cosmetic treatments will have similar standards of quality equipments, infrastructure and surgeons. That’s why you should select a plastic surgery clinic in Punjab with these fundamentals.


Indian diet is a fat rich diet to a large extent. Therefore, several people consider a liposuction surgery as a quick way to lose added fat and pounds. But, women planning to get pregnant must not consider it. This is an effective way to get back to your ideal weight. You can lose last few pounds of extra weight that stop you from leading a healthy and wholesome life.

Torn earlobe repair:

Traditional jewels in India are known for their fascinating and extravagant designs. Traditional earrings are no exception. That’s why torn ear lobe is a very common complaint in India. So, it is a very common cosmetic surgery in Punjab. This is a very common procedure in big cities in India.ear-lobe-repair-02

Breast augmentation surgery:

Breast augmentation or breast implant surgery is a very popular cosmetic surgery in India. But, combine all breast associated surgeries together. I.e. like breast lifts, breast enlargement surgeries, male breast reduction surgeries, and breast reconstruction surgeries. Then, this category is the leading category of cosmetic surgeries in India by an overwhelming margin.

 Hair transplant surgery:

This is a common reason to visit a cosmetic surgery clinic. There are several hair loss treatments available in India. But, hair restoration surgery works as a dependable and permanent solution if the underlying cause of hair loss is treated. In fact, nearly 40% of all hair transplant surgeries worldwide are performed in India.


Nose job or rhinoplasty is the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery. This surgery is used to correct or reshape the nose. Most people undergo this surgery for aesthetic purposes. But, nose surgery is performed for medical reasons too.rhinoplasty_1686452510b

 People undergo cosmetic surgeries in metros like Chennai. But, several cosmetic surgeons are available in Punjab. So, popularity and appeal of this procedure continues to grow and entice more and more people. But, visit a reputed  cosmetic surgery ludhiana clinic. Then, you will receive an advice to enter it with good health, a right attitude, and realistic expectations. This is the ideal way to get closer to the look you desire.



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