Cosmetic eyelid surgery- The Beauty booster

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is mainly done to make our looks much younger and attractive. During this surgery, an extra muscle, skin or fat is removed from the upper and lower eyelid. The drooping upper eyelid and the “puffy” lower eye lid that make us look tired and older can be rectified using this eyelid surgery. The 5 most important things we have to keep in mind are that, this blepharoplasty surgery in Punjab cannot repair the wrinkles and skin pigmentation around the eyes. This operation usually takes one to three hours. This particular surgery can be done along with facelift, brow lift and forehead lift. After the surgery both the eyes will have bandages and pain will be there and it can be reduced by using pain killers or analgesics. And we can read or watch television immediately after two days of the surgery and can even go for work within the next ten or fifteen days. Normally healing will be a gradual process and may take up to 6 months.Blepharoplasty-B-Frontal

 Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Tuck)

Blepharoplasty is the most common and famous form of cosmetic eye lid surgery. Just like, blepharoplasty surgery, here also the surgeons are removing excess fat and skin around the eyes. For better results, this surgery is done along with brow lift surgery. Blepharoplasty is mainly done to combat the effects of ageing around the eyes as the drooping and sagging of skin begin to show their effect. This surgery corrects the wrinkles and bulges around the eyes and thus resulted in a more youthful and rested face. It may sometimes relieve the eyes from the excess weight of redundant skin, which in turn leads to reduce eye fatigue and thus improves the vision.

In this surgery, incisions are made along the natural folds of the eyes, therefore scars are least visible. In some cases, the incision is completely hidden inside the lower eyelid. This blepharoplasty surgery in Punjab is usually performed by giving a local or general anesthesia, so there will be little discomforts and in normal circumstances, it will take one to two hours for this surgery. This eyelid surgery can be done for men too.

Co2 Blepharoplasty  

Blepharoplasty is mainly used in the treatment of Morbihan’s disease. This disease is a rare condition characterized by chronic persistent erythematic and edema of the upper half of the face. Co2 blepharoplasty will produce good cosmetic result with marked improvement of visual impairment. The use of co2 blepharoplasty instead of scalpel blepharoplasty cause a considerable decrease in the amount of bleeding and bruising and it requires a shorter delivery period too. This is a type of non-surgical eyelid surgery. A lot of oculoplastic surgeons in Punjab are specialized in cosmetics as well as reconstructive eyelid surgery along with

They have got an important position in the development and popularization of the cosmetic eyelid surgery and their specialized in the areas:

  • Cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Botox and fillers
  • Lacrimal as well as orbital surgery
  • Cataract surgery

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