Say Goodbye to Stubborn Belly Fat the Liposuction Way

A growing number of people who want to lose weight are opting for best Liposuction in Punjab. Liposuction involves different methods to remove abdominal fat. The cosmetic surgeon numbs the area with a local anaesthetic and inserts a tube through which the fat is drawn out. Ultrasound may be used to liquefy the fat cells and make it easier to suck the liquefied fat through the tube. Laser may be used to liquefy the fat and draw it out with the help of the tube. Liposuction is safe and removes excess fat. It can be applied to any area of the body where fat has accumulated. Tummy tuck is surgical processes in which the fat layers and also skin are cut off, contouring the abdominal area.pinchabdomen-crop-u30273

However, there is a limit as to how much fat can be aspirated or removed from the body. Because it is just not the fat, but a lot of bodily fluids are removed along with the fat, and with over 5liters of fat suddenly removed, it can cause dehydration in the patient, despite intravenous fluid administering.

The right decision to opt for it would be to consult not just one, but a 5-6 surgeons at a stretch and take their advice, there is no condition that the surgeons you have consulted you have to consider as well. Do not chose the surgeon based on their offered Vaser Lipo prices, but go through their past patient’s before after images, and their overall reputation; the internet is a viable source.

New mothers often gain weight. This is because, when the mother has the baby, there are several physiological changes that occur in her body and these changes are normal. The most frustrating changes for many mothers however occur in the breasts and abdomen. Following the cessation of breast feeding, mammary gland atrophies and becomes smaller and sags down on the chest wall. In addition, the skin of the abdomen becomes loose and sags downward and can develop stretch marks. These changes can persist even after weight loss and conditioning through diet, exercise and working out.vaser_lipo_modelThe term Mommy Makeover can be applied to a variety of different plastic surgery procedures designed to get shape back after pregnancy. However, most commonly Mommy Makeover refers to procedures done to restore the Breast and Tummy to their pre pregnancy appearance. Most commonly a Breast Lift and or Breast Augmentation with Implants and some form of Tummy Tuck are done. Liposuction in Ludhiana has become quite popular.

Besides liposuction and Mommy Makeover, the other medical concept which is gaining popularity is Punjab. What is Otoplasty? It is the ear shaping process. Not all of us are blessed with good body features. Though, independent, ears contribute a lot to the overall look of the ear. If the ears are not of proper shape, it may lower one’s self esteem. This can be done to repair injury, correct a long standing genetic defect, or to create a sense of symmetry between mismatched ears. Most of the Otoplasty surgeries involve processes such as reducing cartilage or skin, restructuring the existing amount of skin or cartilage, or creating new skin or cartilage.


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