A person and their nature is dependent largely on how one carries themselves. For any individual, it is extremely crucial to be physically and mentally comfortable with yourself. Being comfortable is being happy with your body type and loving how you look. And this is not just subject to women, but to men as well. Similarly, there are some common and rare physical issues which both the sexes face in their lives. Needless to say, that both genders are extremely affected by it in several ways.

Male Breast Surgery in Ludhiana

The impact of such problems is not just seen on the physical well- being of the person, but also on their mental and social well-being and rather takes the shape of a huge problem. One such problem today, which has now become a common problem among most men today, is of the “Male Breast”, medically known as Gynecomastia. Gynecosmatiais the swelling of breast tissues in boys or men (mostly above the age of 50) caused by an imbalance of the estrogen and testosterone hormones and may affect one or both breasts (sometimes unevenly as well). Apart from Obesity, there are some other key reasons that may cause this problem in young boys or men. They are as follows-

  • For primary causes, the first one is the hormonal changes that occur in men. Usually the male hormone, testosterone is known to keep a check on male breast development. The imbalance of this hormone leads to breast growth because of elevated estrogen levels (female breast development hormone). Such an imbalance may take place during infancy, puberty or older age.
  • Secondary reasons include some medicationor substance abuse (alcohol) or any disease of the male reproductive organs.

Many men in India and abroad encounter an undesirable accumulation of fat and glands in their breast or chest tissue causing the Male Breast problem sometime or the other in their lives. The cause for the same in younger patients is attributed to hormonal irregularities for a brief time period at puberty. With a team of expert doctors and surgeons, Enhance Clinics brings Male Breast Surgery in Ludhiana. With effective treatments, they have been successful in finding a cure to it by the means of the Male Breast Surgery.

Male Breast Surgery in Ludhiana

The Male Breast Surgery in Ludhiana, is performed by extremely experienced doctors and surgeons from all over the country. The breast reduction process takes place for an estimated time of 2 hours or more. In this method, the skin, glandular tissue, and fat are uprooted therefore making the procedure a bit time-consuming. The surgery involves the removal of all that is not required. After the surgery, the patient has a standard male breast. This helps in recovering their self-image and in gaining back self- confidence.


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