Sex is a topic which is usually not discussed in open spaces very openly in the Indian society setup and always surrounds a great deal of “hush hush” around it. It is a very common sight to see people look the other way or not pay attention on the screen when a subject like sex is being shown explicitly or implicitly. Messages of media propagating any such “taboo” are ignored and we build a world around ourselves that is completely away and blissfully unaware of anything related to sex. This is one of the reasons people to do not talk about Premarital Sex or anthing that is largely associated to a woman’s reproductive health and needs. One such need is of hymen restoration.

Hymeno Plasty Surgery in India

Even though, the hymen may be ruptured due to any kind of physical activity like horseback riding or swimming, or other athletic sports activities like gymnastics, it is a common misconception that your hymen can only rupture due to sexual intercourse. Keeping this is consideration; reconstruction of the Hymen becomes essential. Primarily because the presence of the hymen in the female vagina is a proof of her virginity and its absence is the reason of stress and other marital problems that may arrive in the later stages in the life of a newlywed woman.

Hymenoplasty Surgery is the surgical restoration of the hymen. Such a procedure is not generally regarded as part of mainstream gynecology, but Hymenoplasty surgery in Punjab by Enhance Clinics is now here to provide the best cosmetic surgical solutions for this procedure.There are a few important reasons for performing a Hymenoplasty Surgery like marriage (due to conservative family set ups),in cases of rape (for reasons of symbolic importance and restoring lost identity), better sex life or ageing and can be performed in two ways-

  • Simple repair

Under the local anesthesia, this simple procedure can be performed and involves the piecing together the remnants by closing the tear, and is carried out as closely as possible to the date of the wedding. 

  • Vaginaplasty

This is a ‘larger operation’ where an incision is made in the vaginal membrane and both sides are pulled and stitched together. This requires more time for healing as the process is more complex and time to heal is needed.

 Hymenoplasty Surgery in India has been able to give successful results and the expert doctors performing this surgery have been able to satisfy their customers in the best possible way by delivering the best treatment.


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