Whenever and extra bit of sharpness is added to the looks, the inside beauty blossoms and redefines itself. At Enhance-SNO Clinics, we try to make certain tweaks in your existing beauty to and make you more beautiful and confident. We are one of the finest service providers of Plastic Surgery in Ludhiana and have a team of board certified plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, Dermatologists, etc. to guide you for optimum results. Professional ethics are of prime importance to our brand, which naturally brings about great results and makes the client satisfied. At Enhance-SNO Clinics,conceived by Dr. Omi Jindal, we not only strive towards transforming your beauty, but also instill a renewed confidence and enhance the overall personality!

We have plenty of clients who require plastic/reconstructive surgery specifically for post traumatic deformities, post cancer reconstructions, burns, other abnormalities, etc. Surgeons perform such reconstruction surgeriesafter the deformity has occurred.

Some of the most popular cosmetic/plastic surgeries include –


Breast surgery is all about aesthetic improvement. All breast surgeries are performed after extensive planning, be it lump removal or post breast cancer surgery, breast reduction, enhancement or any other breast surgery. Aesthetic improvement of breast is an important aspect of a woman’s life, which brings the importance of plastic surgeons into the picture.

breast augmentation in ludhiana

At Enhance-SNO Clinics, we provide breast surgeries with extremely qualified plastic surgeons who have years of experience in the subject. Not just breast, head and neck also suffer deformities which can only be surgically improved. With the quality of life prime focus of youth, facial deformation is absolutely unacceptable and there are surgical procedures in place to correct the same.

With Dr. Omi Jindal in-charge, post-surgical care is as important as the surgical procedure. It is in this regard, Enhance-SNO Clinicsis the most famous plastic surgery clinic Punjab. Our plastic surgeons provide the best guidance and treatment for your breast related issues.


One of the biggest health hazards impacting the modern society is obesity. It has become the prime health issue to be tackled by health and fitness experts.Medical agencies call it a silent killer and generator of other health problems.However, the treatment of obesity isn’t a difficult task, but requires determination from the person suffering. The obesity percentage differs varying from person to person, can range from mild to severe and can also become life threatening in some cases.

best hospital for tummy tuck surgery in Ludhiana

Obesity can lead to lethargic behavior, depression, heart issues, hypertension, diabetes and several other health related problems. Losing weight is extremely crucial for prevention of such serious health issues.

The treatment surgeries like tummy tuck, liposuction, bariatric surgery and in early cases, non-surgical methods of fat reduction.Enhance-SNO Clinics being one of the most prestigious brands of plastic surgery in Punjab, provides 100% scientifically approved solutions to such problems. When it comes to Plastic Surgery in Ludhiana, Enhance-SNO Clinics and Dr. Omi Jindal have the reputation and brand identity that stands for itself.


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