1. Manual Procedure
    Liposuction procedure is performed by a plastic/cosmetic surgeon in a hospital or clinic OT. The surgeon pushes a suction tube into the fat area by creating incisions and then loosens the fat. Some other procedures are also combined with Liposuction. For example, in case of stomach, it can be combined with atummy tucksurgery. At Enhance-SNO Clinics, you can get the best surgeon for Liposuction in Punjab¸ Dr. Omi Jindal.

liposuction in ludhiana

Surgery Duration: It takes about an hour to perform the surgery on one spot and about 2-3 hrs if multiple areas are targeted.

Results: Results are often good, but the skin might look uneven and lumpy until the swelling is gone.

Advantages: Good amount of fat can be removed in one sitting.

Disadvantages: Forceful separation of fat from the skin and other tissues may cause other connecting tissues and blood vessels to get loosened too. This might make the skin look uneven.

Discharge: Usually the same day, but you might have to stay overnight if the procedure was major.

Bruising: There is bruising in this technique. The swelling sometimes takes a few months to go away. Bruises vanish in a few weeks.

Normal activities: Can be resumed after a day or two.

  1. Laser Procedure
    Laser Liposuction is mostly done by aplastic/cosmetic surgeon, but a doctor trained in the field can perform the procedure too. The laser connected at the tip of the metal pipe is designed to create heat which in turn melts up the fat.

Surgery Duration:  Takes about 2 hrs for one area.

Result: Your skin usually becomes nice and tight after fat removal, though 100% results are visible after all the swelling has gone.

Advantages: Bleeding can be sealed using laser. More fat can be dragged out in this technique in lesser time as compared to the other technique.

Disadvantages:  Sometimes the heat form the laser can damage the surrounding tissues as well, to prevent this the doctor uses a special infrared thermometer, to measure the skin temperature. With an infrared thermometer, the risks are minimized.

Discharge: The same day. Overnight stay in case of major procedure

Bruising: One or two days and much less than the manual procedure.

  1. Ultrasound Procedure
    This procedure is also done by cosmetic/plastic surgeons or well trained doctors. The procedure is performed withcalm, and about 3 ltrs. of fat can be removed. The ultrasound waves turn the fat cells into a liquid which can be easily sucked out.

liposuction in Ludhiana

Duration: About 3-4 hours.

Results: Results are good, the skin is smooth and even. This process works well on dense fat areas.

Advantages: Only fat cells are removed, without causing any damage to the other connecting tissues, making the process extremely subtle.

Disadvantages: The most time consuming process.

Discharge: Same day. The recovery is also quicker.

Bruising: The bruising is negligible and vanishes within a week.

At Enhance-SNO Clinics, our surgeons have expertise in all sort of techniques. Planning for Liposuction in Punjab, visit our clinic and transform yourself


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