Dr. Omi Jindal is regarded very highly in the cosmetic surgery industry in Punjab and other parts of Northern India. His considerable experience of 10+ years of surgical practice at Enhance – SNO Clinics has largely focused on Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery not just in and around Punjab but all over India.

Dr. Omi Jindal’s considerable experience in Plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Ludhiana is the reason behind is confidence and excellent clinical judgment to suggest and perform several complex surgical procedures and consistently provide the right results. Communication is one of his core focus areas as he put effort to clearly understand the patients’ expectations, spends time to understand their concerns and ensures absolute clarity regarding the expectation from the procedures. One of his specialties is to oversee excellent post-operative care, ensuring thorough follow-ups until complete rehabilitation.

Cosmetic Surgery In Punjab

Dr. Jindal is an example of fool-proof commitment to progressive improvement of his aesthetic craftsmanship along with an insatiable thirst for to gain knowledge and keep improving. Despite devoting most of his time to the services of the clinic, he is actively involved in academic contributions as well. Dr. Jindal has numerus publications in top journals from the field of cosmetic surgery as well as general healthcare. Some of his work has led to an emphatic change in the lives of people of Punjab, earning him widespread recognition by fellow plastic surgeons and people from the same vicinity. Dr. Jindal has presented papers and has been a crucial part of seminars across India. He has special interests in Liposuction, specifically for his he has been lauded by peer surgeons and stakeholders on numerous occasions.

Especially in Norther India, Dr. Jindal is well respected for his contribution in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery through various research papers and publications he has presented. Dr. Jindal has submitted various research papers, which were presented in multiple regional meetings concerned with the latest state-of-the-art technologies pertaining the cosmetic and plastic surgery. His work, specially Liposuction, Anti-Ageing, Hair Transplant, Laser and Cosmetic Surgery procedures like Breast Enhancement & Reduction, Rhinoplasty, Male Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck, etc.; has been pivotal in the growth of Dr. Omi Jindal and Enhance – SNO clinics.

Woman Prepped for Liposuction
Liposuction — Enhance-SNO

Dr. Jindal has been heavily involved in the training of cosmetic surgery procedures with various renowned plastic surgeons. Apart from his clinical activities, Dr. Jindal has also been a key contributor in educational aspects of the industry and has regularly participated in various teaching activities for medical students.

Dr. Jindal has featured regularly in TV shows pertaining to the benefits and awareness of cosmetic surgery in Punjab. He has also been lauded with “Ludhiana’s Best Liposuction Clinic Health” Award in 2013 for the services given by Enhance – SNO Clinic in Ludhiana, such has been his contribution to cosmetic surgeon in Chandigarh.


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