How can cosmetic surgery improve a man’s appearance?

Not just women, even men these days are becoming more conscious about their looks and are looking for options for a more youthful appearance. The solution of course lies in cosmetic surgery procedures, with Enhance-SNO Clinics, Ludhiana.With the rise in demand for cosmetic surgeon in ludhiana has become the hub of such medical services in Punjab. Men are looking to raise the standard of their life with the help of talented surgeon Dr. Omi Jindal. With his expert team, Dr. Jindaldoes the following surgical procedures, including male breast reduction, ear reshaping, double chin reduction, eyelid lifts, face lifts, liposuction, hair transplant, etc. along with other cosmetic surgery procedures for women.

Male breast reduction

If you are finding it tough to fit in your usual clothes, you might require a male breast reduction procedure. The chest area of a man is capable of storing excess fat, hence, it is often seen that the development of breasts can occur in men too. Not just dietary habits, other possible causes of male breast or gynecomastia include genetics, age, medication, or even illness.

male breast reduction surgery

These days, men are undergoing procedures to remove breast tissue, skin, and fat from their chests and get a firmer look. A slimmer chest can have a positive impact on your life by improving your self-confidence and the way your clothes fit you.

Ear Reshaping

The primary aim of cosmetic surgery is aesthetical improvement of the body. Otoplasty, also known as ear reshaping, is a surgical procedure of the ear to provide a more symmetrical look. Ear pinning is one of the ways to improve the appearance of your ears, in which a more flatter look is provided. This surgery is also done to correct ears of sportspersons who suffered injuries. This is a simple surgery with focus on aesthetic modification of ear in terms of size, position and proportion.

Double Chin Reduction

Fat can literally get deposited anywhere. Double chins develop on many men as fat starts to deposit under the chin.  At Enhance-SNO clinics, we have innovative solutionswhich directly work on eliminating these fat deposits.

chin reduction

Eyelid surgery

Changing the shape and structure of the skin surrounding our eyes could make us look more youthful. Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery can be done to reduce loose sagging skin, puffiness and excess skin from the area around eyes. Men aiming to look younger can benefit from this surgery and improve their appearance.

Face lift surgery

Face lift techniques can be applied precisely to tighten, sharpen or to make other aesthetical improvements in the face to make it look more appealing. Cosmetic surgery procedures can gently firm up loose skin and make it symmetrically more appealing. Some of the procedures include, endoscopic face lift, which can be used to enhance a specific area of the face. Minor changes can be corrected using a mini-face lift, a treatment with the best recovery time as compared to the other procedures.

facelift surgery

Liposuction/Fat Removal

No matter what exercise regimes we follow, some fat deposits remain stubborn and need another solution. Such stubborn locations include, hips, love handles, thighs. Similar to breast reduction, in Liposuction the removal of the fat cells between skin and muscle is done, sculpting your body and improving your lines in the process.


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