In today’s time and age with so much pressure and work load that every person carries from morning till evening, one hardly gets quality time to look after the skin and take care of one of the most important sense organ which is human ‘EYE’. Over the years the increase in problems associated with eyes is reaching sky, one such hike is seen in problem related to ‘eyelid’ though there are various clinics which offer numerous solutions to the same, which is being performed by BLEPHAROPLASTY SURGERY IN PUNJAB.


Now at Enhance clinics we offer numerous therapies and treatment associated with eye lid surgeries in addition there are also various laser treatments as well which varies from the kind of treatment the customer wants and the one which is most suitable for the client. Eye lid surgery is most commonly used to fight against problems like signs of aging around the eyes, also known to reduce moreover eliminate bags, wrinkled skin of the eyes, drooling eye lids discard them completely.

There is also another category associated very closely to it which is ‘Four Lid BLEPHAROPLASTY Surgery’ which again is a surgical procedure which is meant for removing the extra or the unwanted tissues surrounding the area, this procedure is also used to reposition, restructure and resize moreover helps in balancing the lower and upper eye lid. It is indeed a very useful treatment and procedure to overcome unwanted tissues and inappropriate eye lids. The best result seen after BLEPHAROPLASTY SURGERY IN PUNJAB.

The ongoing treatment, it’s a procedure which is taken under very minimal and local anesthesia where by the excessive skin folds are extracted and removed along with fat bulging from under the eyelids.

With BLEPHAROPLASTY or eye lid surgery make your eyes look young and attractive.

The types of Blepharoplasty:

UPPER LID BLEPHAROPLASTY- Performed through external incisions that is made along the natural skin lines of the eye lids.

  • LOWER LID BLEPHAROPLASTY- This is performed specifically through an incision just below the lash line so that the scar is hidden or is partly visible.


  • TRANSCONJUNCTIVAL BLEPHAROPLASTY- This can be performed in the lower eyelid and in this procedure the incision is made in the inner side of the eye lid.


Post Operational Treatment:

It’s actually natural to see some swelling and bruising post surgery which gradually subsides in a week’s time. Likewise even making use of ‘ice pads’ timely helps in reducing the swelling and lubrication is done to keep the incision lines moist.

The aftermath unleashed:

The best results are seen after three weeks time resulting in doing away with tired looks, giving way to a rejuvenated appearance to a person. Till date there are no major or serious complications that has been registered, apart from bruising, swelling and stiffness which is quitenatural to persist and which shuns away in some few days.

So with the ongoing competition it becomes important to keep a tap on what other centers and clinic are bringing in and what strategies are they following, nonetheless very well known and renowned clinic ‘ Enhance Clinics’ offers everything which a client or an individual is looking for.


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