Rhinoplasty in Punjab 

At Enhance-SNO Clinics, you can get the right consultation for rhinoplasty procedure. The goal of Enhance-SNO Clinics is to provide its clients with all the required information and resource guide prior to undergoing nasal reshaping surgery. Our surgeons can guide you the right way when it comes to understanding the nose and rhinoplasty surgery to enhance both appearance and functionality. Here is some of the basic information about Rhinoplasty procedure as followed Enhance-SNO Clinics’ Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Punjab.

best rhinoplasty surgeon in punjab

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, also known as “Nose Correction” is a plastic surgery procedure done to improve the nasal appearance. The eventual goal before going for the procedure is to have an improved overall facial appearance with nose in appropriate proportion to the rest of the face. There are various reason that bring patients at Enhance-SNO Clinics, be it family traits of nose shape/size, injury or abnormalities during birth or accidental issues post birth. Even certain small nasal characteristics sometimes change the whole look of the face and rhinoplasty is required.

How to seek help?

If you never been to a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic before, do not worry. At Enhance-SNO Clinics, our extremely warm staff and surgeons will guide you through the basics of a cosmetic procedure before starting an evaluation of your specific case. You are also suggested to do some self-learning by reading about Nasal Anatomy, Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Ludhiana, Consultation Process and different procedures available. Rhinoplasty is often paired with other nasal and facial plastic procedures aimed at improving the overall facial appearance.

Why seek proper consultation?

We believe that the patient has to have a thorough understanding of the rhinoplasty procedure before undergoing the procedure as it boosts his/her confidence and helps set realistic expectations. It also boosts the post-operative relationship between the patient and the surgeon. Rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgery procedure and has witnessed a huge rise in the number of patients going for the procedure in the last decade. There have been many advancements in the procedure as well, as the doctors have started to understand the minute technicalities of nose better.

How to know if you need Rhinoplasty?

The primary motive of the nose is its respiratory properties. It should work breathe, filter the air, smell, assist with speech, etc. After the initial needs are fulfilled, we can think of its appearance. Although Nose Correction has become one of the most common cosmetic procedures not just in India but all over the world, it is still one of the most challenging procedure as well considering the amount of revisions patients had to go through as compared to any other cosmetic procedure. It therefore becomes more important for the client to select their surgeon and clinic appropriately after going through their past results, medical records and qualifications.

It is because of such reasons, that Enhance-SNO Clinic is considered as one of the best in its industry with a Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Punjab by the name of Dr. Omi Jindal.


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