We have often come across the term Stem Cells and their use in cosmetic and plastic surgery. Dr. Omi Jindal’s Enhance-SNO Clinics specializes in Plastic Surgery in Ludhiana and will explain the know-how of Stem Cells.

Stem Cells

Stem cells are such versatile cells that can transform themselves, or we can say that they can replicate themselves into another body part. The interesting point is that we don’t even come to know of the transformation, but all have stem cells in our body. During childhood, all of us had stem cells in almost all body parts but with time they tend to deplete on their own.

For instance, our bone marrow is known to produce stem cells which can be used to repair the damaged tissues of different parts of the body. The stem cells are particularly used in the reformation phases of structural parts of the body like bones, muscle tissues, cartilage and other parts of the body which are required to hold up the body structure. It is also to be understood that even the fat contained in our body is filled with stem cells as well.

Stem Cells in Medical Research

Stem Cells have been a crucial link in medical research where researchers who have been doingliposuction for years are striving to figure out how to use them to reconstruct different parts of the body or to improve signs of aging on face or for breast augmentation and other plastic surgery procedures.

One of the major problems with doing plastic surgery procedures with thin people is that they don’t have enough fat, which led to the researchers investigate how can fat be grown. The answer is that fat can be grown in the lab once we take a small sample outside the human body. Researchers have been able to grow jar full of fatty tissues. But when they tried to transplant it back to the human body, it doesn’t respond as the natural fats because it lacks the essential ingredient called stem cell.

Types of Cells

The fats in our body are made up of two prominent cells, called the adipocyte and the preadipocyte. The latter is actually a stem cell, which grows and replaces the fat cells in human body that get damaged or injured and are in the state of dying. If taken outside the fatty tissues, preadipocytes essentially work the same as in the case of a bone marrow stem cell.

The aim is to convert these stem cells into bone several different components of the human body like cartilage, muscle, nerve, blood vessels, fat and other connective tissues. Later there are ways to restructure these cells back in an embryonic stage.

Following conversion into the mesenchymal stem cells or mesodermal products, these cells are calledmultipotent. On the other hand, the embryonic stem cell that can be structured into some other component of the body is called pluripotent or totally potent.

At Enhance-SNO Clinics, we perform several plastic surgery procedures like Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction etc. We are a renowned brand of Plastic Surgery in Ludhiana.


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