Hand shake has now become a part of our culture. And someone notices hands before they notice your face .Also Hands are one of the first place where the signs of ageing begin to appear. Usually people tend to take care of the face and neck which makes them look youthful but at the same time they just overlook to take care of their hands.

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Aged hands appear sun tanned, in which there is loss of fat which makes them looks skinny and wrinkled, with prominent veins.

Good news is that with the help of Cosmetic Surgery, it is possible to rejuvenate hands also.  For, Ludhianvis there’s another good news and i.e they don’t have to search of cosmetic clinics outside their city.Hand rejuvenation treatment in Ludhiana is being done at Enhance Sno clinic and excellent results are ensured here. And the best part is that there is no cuts /stitches or pain involved . It is an office procedure which can be completed in one hour .By using latest lasers, fat grafting and fillers, hands are made to look and feel young again. One can resume his/ her work immediately.

The main points of consideration in hand rejuvenation are:

  1. First one is the restoration of the soft tissue volume :
  • This is done mainly by derma fillers and natural fat grafting.
  • Fillers:
    1. At various locations the filler is injected into the hands evenly.
    2. Fillers are usually placed at multiple levels in hands in order to reshape them and make them look young.
  • Fat injections:
    1. In this procedure fatty tissue is removed from the areas where fat is excess like abdomen, thighs.
    2. This fat is then processed and injected into the hands.
  • The injected fat is distributed in linear manner in order to ensure proper shape of the hands.


  1. Second point of consideration is the problems related to the skin tone and texture of the hands:
  • This is done with the help of Light based technologies and laser treatments. These help to remove the ageing spots, tanning due to sun exposure and aids in overall pigmentation correction.
  • Laser skin surfacing serves as an excellent way in making the hands spotless and ageless.

Hand Rejuvenation Treatments in Ludhiana:

With increasing awareness and desire amongst the local people to look young, the need for hand rejuvenation has also increased at a very high pace.

Ludhiana is not behind in this race but at times the people of the town are confused as to which hospital they should go for their treatment. Since past few years Ludhiana has emerged as a centre for number of cosmetic surgery clinics.

In this competitive era, Enhance Sno clinic has emerged as an extremely trustworthy option for those who are seeking a sincere advice and expert surgeon for hand rejuvenation treatments in Ludhiana.

Dr.Omi Jindal is a renowned surgeon who has many successful hand rejuvenation surgeries to his credit in the town as well as all over Punjab and over seas.

At Enhance Sno clinic, patients care and satisfaction is our prime motive. We follow the international protocols for all the cosmetic procedures and hence deliver the results as expected.



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