Planning for a flat tummy? So why wait, undergo a tummy tuck and get a desired shape. Tummy tuck has recently become an extremely popular technique in order to reshape yourself.


Ludhiana has become a hub of fashion since past couple of years and hence the people have become aware of their looks and the need to remain slim has increased nowadays.

Enhance Sno Clinic is one of the best hospitals for tummy tuck in Ludhiana.

What does a Tummy Tuck mean:

  • Tummy tuck is also known as abdominoplasty which means removing the excess fat and skin in order to restore proper shape as well as proper muscle strength.
  • It not only removes the excess fat deposits but at the same time helps in strengthening the underlying tissue which supports the fat as well as the skin.

Why does one has to undergo Tummy Tuck:

  • If you are not being able to get a flat and a smooth tummy even after vigorous exercises and strict diet control then tummy tuck is the choice you need to opt.
  • It’s a Simple yet quite successful option for the one’s who loose or sagging abdominal area.

The best candidates for this procedure are:

  • Healthy men and women who could not loose excess fat from their abdomen even after vigorous exercises.
  • Women who have had several pregnancies and now are not being able to shed of the excess belly.
  • You should be a non- smoker or have stopped smoking.
  • The procedure is delayed in the cases such as:
  • The procedure is contraindicated in the cases where the female is planning a pregnancy in near future.
  • If you are losing a lot of weight or are planning to do so.

The procedure of Tummy Tuck:

  1. The first step before undergoing the procedure is to get a thorough counselling from your concerned surgeon.
  2. During the consultation, the surgeon will explain you about the procedures, do’s and don’ts.
  3. There are two types of abdominoplasty which are done:
  • Mini Tummy Tuck: which is usually done in cases where the fat is below the navel only.
  • Complete Tummy Tuck : this includes an incision beginning from one hip bone to the other and mostly the navel is also shifted.

Depending upon your requirement your surgeon guides you, which procedure should you undergo.

Post Operatives points to be kept in mind:

  • After the surgery , you may experience pain and swelling which subsides gradually.
  • There is slight scarring after the procedure, which generally fades but do not completely disappear.
  • You need to wear a pressure garment for a certain time period.
  • The patient can resume his/her routine activities within few days but should do heavy workouts for almost a month after tummy tuck.

Best Tummy Tuck Hospital In Ludhiana:

Ludhian is have become extremely aware about their looks in the recent past and hence the need to remain fit has become a priority here. People are often confused as to which surgeon or hospital should they prefer for best hospital for Tummy tuck surgery in ludhiana.


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