With the growing awareness and competition, the need to look better has become a topmost priority amongst the youth and Ludhiana is no different. Catering to many professional institutes and business houses, personal grooming is an essential part of Ludhianavis, and hence more and more people more and more people are resorting to cosmetic surgeries, best hair transplant in Ludhiana.

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What is Hair Transplantation:

  • Hair transplantation is one of those surgeries which is highly in demand these days.
  • This is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness.
  • It’s an extremely technical surgery in which one’s own body hair are used to cover the premature baldness and that too in most natural way and to get the best possible results one must seek an expert to help him.
  • This procedure is done by two methods : FUE and FUT or strip method.
  • The site where the hair follicles are implanted is known as ‘recipient site’ while the area from which these follicles are extracted are known as ‘donor areas’.
  • This is a single day procedure , done under local anesthesia and has no side effects.

Hair Transplantation at  Enhance Sno Clinic:

  • Enhance Sno clinic has stood to be the best cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation surgery clinic in Ludhiana.
  • Established a couple of years ago, the clinic boasts of being an integrated cosmetic surgery clinic of the town.
  • Omi Jindal is the chief hair transplantation and cosmetic surgeon with a vast experience of more than 10 years in this field.
  • His clinic is an ISO certified, state of art centre for hair transplant where patients from not only Ludhiana and Punjab but also from overseas are catered for hair transplant.
  • Omi jindal is a member of American Hair restoration society and Indian association of Hair restoration  surgeons.
  • He is highly trained in both the hair transplantation techniques i.e FUE and FUT (strip method).
  • He chooses the type of the surgery based on the patient’s wish, need and the technical feasibility and aims to deliver excellent results with either of the technique.
  • Jindal is into ethical practice and performs Hair transplantation surgery by his own hands.
  • He does not leave the work upon the technicians and is very particular for his clients and this is the reason why even the failed cases at other Hair transplant clinics get good results at Enhance Sno clinic.

Dr.Omi Jindal is an academician also who has trained many doctors in the procedure of hair transplant. He has been a faculty to many workshops and events related to hair transplantation surgeries. His public awareness, talks and T.V shows are quite popular and endorsed. He is the best hair transplant in Ludhiana. and its surroundings.

  • Affordable charges:

-Above all at our clinic we have kept the charges which are affordable for every segment of the society.


– Recently the clinic has also started interest free    EMI scheme so as to provide the benefit of hair transplantation surgery even on those people who cannot afford to make the payment upfront.


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