When it comes to being a female, breasts are the major part of one’s feminine figure. Women having under developed breasts often suffer from a inferiority complex. But thanks to cosmetic surgery now. Enhancement of breast is just a matter of few hours now. Breast augmentation means surgically placing breast implants so that your breasts look fuller, firmer and the overall symmetry is improved. This is also done for volume restoration after a heavy weight loss or else after pregnancy. Females after mastectomy can regain their confidence by breast implants as it provides you with your natural shape and structure, breast augmentation in ludhiana.


Breast augmentation is done under general anesthesia and within few hours you find your body in a totally new figure.

In breast augmentation, 2 types of implants are used i.e silicone gel implant and saline water implant.

What we use and why:

  • At our clinic, i.e Enhance Sno clinic Ludhiana, we prefer using US FDA approved silicone gel implant as the gel gives extremely close resemblance to the natural breast tissue.
  • The other reasons for which the silicone gel implant is preferred are:
  • The chances of leakage are very less and even if at any stage the implant leaks the gel tends to remain in the implant itself.
  • Usually silicone gel implants do not collapse.
  • Due to high quality silicone gel, these implants usually do not have any side effects. 



Highlights of the procedure:

  • Breast implant is a single day procedure  – The patients gets admitted at our clinic in the morning and most of the times the patient is free to go by evening.
  •  This surgery is performed under general  anaesthesia.
  • The incisions in this surgery are given very carefully in order to give them in areas where they are bare minimum visible.
  • The usual sites of incision are: periareolar incision, inframammary incision and transaxillary incision.
  • The choice of incision is made only after the surgeon’s discussion with the patient regarding the same.

“The breast implantation results are visible almost immediately.”

   Before the surgery is done, the following steps are to be taken care of:

-the patient must thoroughly discuss about the procedure in details with the concerned surgeon.

– Should stop smoking immediately.

– Should not take any sort of anti- inflammatory     drugs.

The results are almost immediately visible after the surgery yet the scars and swelling may take some days to completely fade off and give you the expected look.”

Points to remember:

  • Breast implants usually tend to last for a period of 10-15 years while in some cases where the patient does not undergo any remarkable weight fluctuations these may last even longer than this.
  • One must undergo regular annual check-ups from the concerned surgeon in order to ensure your breast implant status and your breast health.

Breast Augmentation at Enhance clinics:

At our clinics, we have successfully performed surgeries a number of breast augmentation in ludhiana.

“Dr.Omi Jindal , a renowned plastic surgeon of India, is operating since past 10 years  and he ensures the surgery is done with the best interest of the patient.”


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